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EURO 2012 apartments in Kiev. Daily Rent in Kiev.

Евро 2012 - Euro 2012
Apartments for Euro 2012
Everybody on the football!
Our apartments are at your service!..
* Terms and conditions of booking and accommodation.
* Reservation of apartments for rent in Kiev:
A. Prepayment is made of 100% over the entire period of residence;
Two. Return of advance payment for 30 days before arrival date is less 50% of the cost paid
Three. Cancellations within less than 30 days, the amount paid is not refundable.
4. When you check the apartment for the period of residence is retained security deposit (deposit) of
1-bedroom apartment is $ 200
2-bedroom apartment is $ 300
3-bedroom apartment is $ 400
* Deposit is held until the time of eviction, as the insurance reimbursement
a probable loss.
Increased demand of fans has led to the Ukrainian hotels have raised prices for accommodation at times for the period of the European football championship.
Apartments will cost higher in the period of the championship, but rent an apartment will be much more profitable than a hotel room.
The more so that the expected arrival of fans expected to be slightly lower than the declared tourist boom. Many fans will attend matches only of their favorite teams, arriving from the airport to the stadium, and the same evening will fly charters home.
Well, fans who choose to meet with the capital of Ukraine, you are welcome. We will be glad to see you our guests.
Book an apartment in advance because the closer Euro 2012 the free places will be less.
Book apartments for rent in the final of Euro 2012! The final match will be in Kyiv. So the most demanded city of the championship in popularity is Kyiv. Although guests and fans are primarily interested in the match of his team, we think that the sights of the Kyiv will be interesting too.
Prices will rise before the start of the championship and the main matches. So we recommend to rent an apartment in advance and not to pay more. Experience from previous championships demonstrated that in the last two or three weeks before the championship prices will rise maximally. Demand dictates the proposal. Do not overpay, take care of it beforehand.
We wish you all the best! Kyiv is waiting for you!
Euro 2012 Match Schedule
Match Places Date Time
1. Poland - Greece Poland, Warsaw, Stadion Narodowy 08.06.2012 19:00
2. Russia - Czech Republic Poland, Wroclaw, Olympic Stadium in Maslice 08.06.2012 21:45
3. Netherlands - Denmark Ukraine, Kharkiv, Stadion Metallist 09.06.2012 19:00
4. Germany - Portugal Ukraine, Lviv, Lemberg Stadium 09.06.2012 21:45
5. Spain - Italy Poland, Gdansk, PGE Arena 10.06.2012 18:00
6. Ireland - Croatia Poland, Poznan, Municipal Stadium 10.06.2012 21:45
7. France - England Ukraine, Donetsk, Donbass Arena 11.06.2012 19:00
8. Ukraine - Sweden Ukraine, Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy Stadium 11.06.2012 21:45
9. Greece - Czech Republic Poland, Wroclaw, Olympic Stadium in Maslice 12.06.2012 19:00
10. Poland - Russia Poland, Warsaw, Stadion Narodowy 12.06.2012 20:45
11. Denmark - Portugal Ukraine, Lviv, Lemberg Stadium 13.06.2012 19:00
12. Netherlands - Germany Ukraine, Kharkiv, Stadion Metallist 13.06.2012 21:45
13. Italy - Croatia Poland, Poznan, Municipal Stadium 14.06.2012 19:00
14. Spain - Ireland Poland, Gdansk, PGE Arena 14.06.2012 21:45
15. Sweden - England Ukraine, Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy Stadium 15.06.2012 19:00
16. Ukraine - France Ukraine, Donetsk, Donbass Arena 15.06.2012 21:45
17. Czech Republic - Poland Poland, Wroclaw, Olympic Stadium in Maslice 16.06.2012 21:45
18. Greece - Russia Poland, Warsaw, Stadion Narodowy 16.06.2012 21:45
19. Portugal - Netherlands Ukraine, Kharkiv, Stadion Metallist 17.06.2012 21:45
20. Denmark - Germany Ukraine, Lviv, Lemberg Stadium 17.06.2012 21:45
21. Croatia - Spain Poland, Gdansk, PGE Arena 18.06.2012 21:45
22. Italy - Ireland Poland, Poznan, Municipal Stadium 18.06.2012 21:45
23. England - Ukraine Ukraine, Donetsk, Donbass Arena 19.06.2012 21:45
24. Sweden - France Ukraine, Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy Stadium 19.06.2012 21:45
25. 1/4 Finals Poland, Warsaw, Stadion Narodowy 21.06.2012 20:45
26. 1/4 Finals Poland, Gdansk, PGE Arena 22.06.2012 21:45
27. 1/4 Finals Ukraine, Donetsk, Donbass Arena 23.06.2012 21:45
28. 1/4 Finals Ukraine, Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy Stadium 24.06.2012 21:45
29. 1/2 Finals Ukraine, Donetsk, Donbass Arena 27.06.2012 21:45
30. 1/2 Finals Poland, Warsaw, Stadion Narodowy 28.06.2012 21:45
31. Final Ukraine, Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy Stadium 01.07.2012 21:45
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